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Our Team


Our Team

Isabelle Morrissette 

Director/Lead instructor

With a passion for the art of body movement, Isabelle has been teaching since the young age of 14.  She started out as a dance teacher for children of all ages.  A graduate of LADMMI, a prestigious professional contemporary dance program in Montreal, she had her 1st contact with the pilates method in the 90’s.

Since 2001, certified by Polestar Education, she has been teaching all over Montreal.

In 2002, she opened a small studio, Solstice Pilates, which has been thriving ever since with a small exclusive clientele.

She has  thaught functional anatomy and dance conditioning in LADMMI’s college program since 2004.  

She has also been invited to work as a guest instructor on a regular basis with the dance company Cas Public  , from 2008-14. Even joining the company onstage as a guest dancer on the production Duels in 2012.

From 2010 to 2013 she joined the team of pilates instructors and rehabilitation specialists at Cirque du Soleil in Montreal working with athletes on performance enhancement, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Continuing her quest for knowledge, she has developed a partnership with the internationally acclaimed  Franklin Method, hosting workshops for them in collaboration with LADMMI

She has  studied numerous complimentary somatic techniques with masters such as Tom Myers, Eric Franklin, Morten Dithmer, Irene Dowd, Elisabeth Larkham, Nora St-John, Marie-Josée Bloom, Kam Thaye Chow and more.

In 2012, she completes a Anatomy Trains affiliate teacher certification with Tom Myers.

Having been offered many career opportunities, she has decided to dedicate herself to her studio and performance artists, trying to stay true to her values and live her passion for the art that is transforming a body and a life, building a human connection that is priceless...


Robert Crooks

Robert Crooks

Instructor/ Personal Trainor

Actor by profession, Robert started pilates through his own training and studied the pilates curriculum  and principals at Solstice Pilates. He is a certified Personal Trainer Specialist with CAN-FIT-PRO (PTS). He has attented many Franklin Method workshop through the studio’s privileged relationship with the company.


Since 2002, he has been developing his own style as a personal trainer with an original mix of yoga , pilates, and strength training for a balanced full body workout.  


His charismatic personality, originality and unique approach keep his clients on their toes.


Maude HeppelMaude Heppel


Graduated from the University of Ottawa in 2007, she specialises in orthopedics and sports rehabiliation.  Having worked with Cirque du Soleil for over 8 years, she has a rare expertise relating to performance arts.  This unique experience with acrobates, dancers, musiciens, singers and actors in training, on tour, and rehabiliation as part of a team of international caliber, has permitted her to broaden and acquire her knowledge and skill. 

She has completed Lyn Watson's Advance Shoulder course in manual therapy level 1-3 followed by the  superior and inferior quadrants level 2, as well as levels A and B of the McKenzie Method.

She recently obtained her certification in physiotherapeutic puncture with dry needling (PPDN), a great complement to the standard physiotherapy treatment. To help her clientele achieve their goals, she favors a hands-on approach of manual therapy and soft tissue techniques combined with the prescription of personalized and functional exercises. 

Her dedication to her profession is demonstrated in the individuality of her treatment plans.

Fabienne Dodier

Fabienne Dodier


Having an early passion for the human body in movement,  she practiced gymnastics for 10 years and has been teaching in that feild since 2008.  Wanting to learn more about the body and help people find balance and better health she decided to embark on studying osteopathy.  This manual therapy technique can help with many musculosquelettal and visceral issues. It can help alleviate muscular and joint pain, headaches, troubles sleeping, digestive issues and much more.

Fabienne is with us at Solstice Pilates since 2016.



4710 St-Ambroise, studio 104a, Montreal, Qc, H4C 2C7, Canada
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